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Men's & Women's

We will gather for breakfast and devotions, have mini retreats or full church functions. stay tuned to the PVCC bulletin for dates and information.


As Christians we are to shoulder the load for each other and in doing this we demonstrate God's grace and healing. If you have any need at all we are glad to pray with you and offer loving support.

There are a couple of ways to request prayer or become involved in prayer ministry:

I. The Prayer Chain

A telephone ministry committed to faithfully praying for the PVCC family and their needs. To add a prayer request, email is at

II. Prayer and Devotion Call:

Wednesday at 7 pm or call a few minutes earlier for fellowship time. This call is 20 minutes. Our phone number is 1(844) 855-4444 code #3577271.

We are always glad to pray with you.


Our missions objective is to touch the lives of people with the love of God. It is our desire to do our part to impact the world for Christ. We are actively involved in missionary enterprises throughout the Christian community. We desire to demonstrate God's grace through our actions.

Harvest Dispensary

A dispensary ministry in Kenya sharing the gospel of Christ and providing for the medical needs in rural Kariua, Kenya.

Cry Cameroon USA + Harvest Children's Homes

The support of orphans in the fundong region of Cameroon. This ministry strives to create an atmosphere of love, while providing food, clothing medical services and educational supplies as well as spiritual and biblical guidance. Plans are moving forward for a second children's home. Stay tuned for updates. For more Information or to support Harvest Children's Homes visit their website at

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